Bishop Lamont Discography

12 May 2012 Update./ This is a list off all Bishop Lamont tracks/ album/ mixtapes. No download links but a list for you people who want it. Read on. I have probably missed a few random tracks here and there. But. Yeah.

Summary of Albums

Who I gotta Kill to Get a Record Deal Vol.1
Welcome 2 L.A
On My Way To Own The Biz (Mixtape)
N*gger Noize
Pope Mobile
The Confessional
Team America: Fuck Yeah
The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3
Mecha-God Spilla
The Layover
The (P)reformation

Who I gotta Kill to Get a Record Deal Vol.1 | DOWNLOAD

01. Intro
02. Excuse Me Bitch
03. Uptee Wooptee (feat. Turie)
04. Damn
05. Sticky (feat. Bokie Loc)
06. Settle Down (feat. trek life & mykestro)
07. Crazy Heat (feat. Trek Life, Planet Asia & Spontaneous)
08. Alright OK
09. True Crime (Remix) feat. Young Dre, Sixx John & Black
10. Kill That Noize (feat. Guerrilla Black)
11. 2 Crazy Niggaz (feat. Indef)
12. New Style (feat. Mike Anthony)
13. Hump Hump Hump
14. Iz It A Crime (feat. Joe Red)
15. This That Shit (feat. Joe Red)
16. feat. trek life & the odyssey – get socked
17. hair force ones
18. look at you
19. wardoggz 4 life (feat. trek life & mykestro)
20. Ice Cream Freestyle
21. Made u look
22. Bishop lamont feat. trek life – new kidz on the block
23. Bishop lamont feat. v’n & wendy – colors
24. Bishop lamont feat. trek life & mykestro – freestyle
25. Throw ya hands up (feat. trek life, diverse, joe red & mike a)
26. Ignition (remix)
27. Outro

Welcome 2 L.A
01. Welcome la
02. True crime (remix)
03. Do it
04. I’m a warrior
05. Closer
06. I’m a soldier
07. New west order
08. Make it do
09. I’ts bishop
10. Put your glasses up
11. My inheritance
12. Somebody help
13. Guerilla pimpin
14. Kamasutra
15. Let’s get it poppin
16. We got next
17. Blast off
18. Wartime is now
19. Unstoppable
20. True crime (original)
21. Ice cream freestyle
22. I got my soldiers

On My Way To Own The Biz (Mixtape)
1. Welcome 2 LA
2. It’s Bishop
3. Body Language [prod. Diverse] Listen Here HERE
4. Let’s Get It Poppin’
5. Put Your Glasses On (Feat. Guerilla Black & Tyrese)
6. Purgatory
7. Blast Off
8. Do That Shit (Feat. Chevy Jones)
9. Cheerio
10. Guerilla Pimpin’ (Feat. Warren G)
11. Unstoppable
12. Change The World (Feat. Tyrese)
13. We Ain’t Gangstas
14. Karma Sutra
15. New West Order (Feat. Tyrese)
16. Throw Ya Hood Up
17. Do It


01. Intro
02. Klansmen [prod. Focus…]
03. Don’t Kill Me [prod. Jake One]
04. Translator [prod. Thayod]
05. The Truth (feat. Stacee Adams) [prod. Scott Storch]
06. Let’s Go [prod. King Karnov]
07. Footsteps In The Dark [prod. Nottz]
08. Fukk Kramer Radio (Interlude) [prod. Jake One]
09. Super Freak [prod. DJ Khalil]
10. Bitches On MySpace [prod. RJ]
11. Last Crusade [prod. JR Rotem]
12. First They Love You [prod. 9th Wonder]
13. KKK Hotline (Interlude)
14. N*gger [prod. Diverse]
15. Hood Psalm [prod. DJ Khalil]
16. So Cold [prod. The System]
17. HiStory [prod. Nottz]

Bishop Lamont & Black Milk Present: CALTROiT (Mixed By DJ Warrior) {2007} | DOWNLOAD

01. Murda Hextro (produced by King Karnov)
02. Caltroit (feat. Indef & Chevy Jones) (produced by Black Milk)
03. I Need It (feat. Tash & Ras Kass) (produced by Dready Beatz)
04. Movie Star” (feat. Focus)(produced by Focus)
05. Mouth Music” (feat. Guilty Simpson & Busta Rhymes) (produced by Black Milk)
06. On Top Now” (feat. Stat Quo & Dr Dre) (produced by DJ Khalil)
07. Juggernauts” (feat. Young Dre, Glasses Malone & 40 Glocc) (produced by Dae One)
08. Goatit” (feat. Phat Kat, Elzhi (Slum Village)) (produced by Black Milk)
09. Spectacular” (feat. Illa-J, Frank Nitty & Busta Rhymes)
10. 4 All My Ni*%as” (feat. Planet Asia, Mistah F.A.B. & Ya Boy) (produced by Jake One)
11. Bad Girl” (produced by Focus)
12. Inconvenient Truth” (produced by Black Milk)
13. Go Hard” (feat. Ras Kass & Royce Da 5’9″) (produced by Black Milk)
14. If You Ready” (feat. T3, (Slum Village), Kardinal Offishall & Illa-J)
15. Ret 2 Go” (feat. Ms Jade, Lady of Rage & Peeps) (produced by Oh No)
16. Everything” (feat. Kardinal Offishal & Trek Life)
17. Bang That Shit Out” (feat. Diverse) (produced by Black Milk)
18. Not The Way” (feat. Mike Ant) (produced by Diverse)
19. Bishop Lamont Outro”

Bishop Lamont & Black Milk Present: CALTROiT (UNTAGGED)
1.Murder Hextro
2.Caltroit (feat. Indef & Chevy Jones) (Prod. By Black Milk)
3.On Top Now (feat. Stat Quo & Dr. Dre) (Prod. By Dj Khalil)
4.Inconvenient Truth (Prod. By Dj Khalil)
5.Bad Girl (Prod. By Focus)
6.Goatit (feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi) (Prod. By Black Milk)
7.Go Hard (feat. Ras Kass & Royce Da 5’9″) (Prod. By Black Milk)
8.Mouth Music (feat. Guilty Simpson & Busta Rhymes) (Prod. By Black Milk)
9.Juggernauts (feat. Young Dre, Glasses Malone, & 40 Glocc) (Prod. By Mr.Porter)
10.4 All My Niggaz (feat. Planet Asia, Mistah Fab, & Ya Boy) (Prod. By Jake One)
11.I Need It (feat. Tash & Ras Kass) (Prod. By Dready Beats)
12.Bang That Shit Out (feat. Diverse) (Prod. By Black Milk)
13.If You Ready (feat. T3, Illa J, & Kardinal Offishall)
14.Ape Shit (Prod. By Black Milk)
15.Everything (feat. Kardinal Offishall) (Prod. By Black Milk)
16.Not The Way (feat. Mike Ant) (Prod. By Diverse)
17.Get Em (feat. Fattfather, Marv One, & Trick Trick) (Prod. By Black Milk)
18.Spectacular (feat. Busta Rhymes, Illa J, & Frank Nitty) (Prod. By Black Milk)

Pope Mobile {2007} | DOWNLOAD

01. Pope Mobile Intro/Heaven (feat. Bilal & Rev. Keep It Crackin) [prod. Dr. Dre]
02. Personal Chauffeur (feat. Vanessa Marquez) [prod. DJ Khalil]
03. Shittin’ On Fools (feat. Dready Beats) [prod. Dready Beats]
04. It’s Funny (feat. Indef) [prod. Teddy Riley]
05. Yeah Pimp (feat. PCP & Angelo) [prod. by Focus]
06. I Just Want the Money (feat. Bokey) [prod. 9th Wonder]
07. Street Theology [prod. Mark Batson]
08. So Sad (feat. Chevy Jones) [prod. Danjha Hands]
09. All I Dream About (feat. Pooh Bear) [prod. Scott Storch]
10. Sumthin’ [prod. Scott Storch]
11. Rappers Wanna Sing [prod. Nottz]
12. I Always Knew
13. Music Shit [prod. Scott Storch]
14. Sometimez (feat. Mike Ant & Chevy Jones) [prod. Scott Storch]
15. Anyway (feat. Mike Ant & Focus) [prod. Focus]

The Confessional Bootleg
It Hurts [prod. Dready Beatz]
2 Godfather
Oh My God [prod. Scott Storch]

The Confessional {2008} | DOWNLOAD

01. The Confessional [prod. Focus…]
02. Africa (feat. Soul Nana) [prod. Bink]
03. Gorilla Pimpin’ 5008 (feat. Warren G, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo & Ryan C Fresh) [prod. Mark Batson & Che’ Vicious]
04. Send A Nigga Home (feat. Denaun Porter) [prod. DJ Khalil]
05. City Light (feat. Eric of The New Royales) [prod. DJ Khalil]
06. Ghetto Song (ft. YM) [prod. Nottz]
07. What People Do [prod. Nottz]
08. One Night (feat. Mike Ant) – Prod. by King Kornov
09. Right [prod. Scott Storch]
10. Be Cool (ft. Xzibit, Ras Kass, Glasses Malone & Mykestro) – Prod. by Dae One
11. Better Than You [prod. Focus…]
12. Kissin’ Tha Curb – Prod. by Jake One
13. The Name (ft. Dirty Birdy, Kida & Flii Stylz) – Prod. by Focus
14. Everyday – Prod. by Diverse
15. Can’t Figure It Out – Prod. by DJ Khalil & The New Royales
16. Donky Kong Savage – Prod. by Danja
17. Why U Wanna Piss Me Off – Prod. by Nottz
18. All On My Dick (ft. Taje & Indef) – Prod. by Tha Bizness
19. The Greatest Trick – Prod. by Denaun Porter & GOD

Bishop Lamont & Indef –  {2009} | DOWNLOAD

01. Team America PSA (Feat. K. Henry aka “Bosley”)
02. Team America Fuck Yea Anthem [Prod. By Dready Beats]
03. The Sandler Files (Feat. Godfather J) [Prod. By Loso The Heartthrob]
04. Niggas [Prod. By Josef Leimberg]
05. I Think We Gonna Have Sex [Prod. By Willie B.]
06. Death Threat Interlude (Feat. Tom Cruise)
07. Money On My Head [Prod. By Black Milk]
08. Landed In Afganistan Interlude
09. I’m Faded (Feat. Nate Dogg) [Prod. By Warren G]
10. I Like Bombs (Feat. Deen as “Osama Bin Laden”) [Prod. By Dready Beats]
11. Fuck North Korea (Feat. Damizza) [Prod. By Joseg Leimberg]
12. The Biggest Boss (Feat. DJ Rhettmatic as “Kim Jung Ill”) [Prod. By Dready Beats]
13. B.O.B. (Barack Over Bad Guys) (Feat. Affion Crockett as “President Obama” And Willie B) [Prod. By Siege]
14. Game Of Death (Korean Version) (Feat. DJ Rhettmatic as “Kim Jung Ill”, GetBusyCommittee, And K. Henry) [Prod. By Scoop Deville]
15. Kim Jung Ill Interlude
16. Mission Failure (America Mourns) (Feat. Elijah as “Bruce Springstein”) [Prod. By Siege]
17. The Big Payback [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
18. Showdown At NY Pinkberry (Feat. Deen) [Prod. By Scoop Deville And JRK]

The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3 {2010} | DOWNLOAD

01. Martin Luther King Intro [prod. Focus…]
02. Wanted Man (feat. Chin of The New Royales) [prod. by Bink]
03. Get My Gun (feat. Kellen the Criminal) [prod. by T-Wiz ft. T-Wiz]
04. Affirmative Action ft. Focus…: Prod. by Focus…
05. I Like Yo Face: Prod. by Loso the Heartthrob
06. Off the Liquor ft. Willie B: Prod. by Loso the Heartthrob
07. Rain (feat. Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales) [prod. Dr. Dre]
08. I.W.P. ft Indef & The Artist Caps: Prod. by Jared Moore & Damion Young
09. The Homies Girl: Prod. by Diverse
10. Shout!: Prod. by Bishop & Jared Moore
11. Home ft. Dave Green: prod. by All of Us
12. Hollow Eyes ft. Anjulie: Prod. by Soul Nana of The System
13. Anything (feat. Ryu of the GBC & Mike Anthony) [prod. Scoop DeVille]
14. Get Inspired ft. Bo-Key, Mike Anthony: Prod. by Lord Finesse
15. U Ain’t Fresh (feat. Diverse & Dave New York) [prod. King Karnov]
16. We in Here ft. Chevy Jones: Prod. by Seige Monstracity
17. Sadatay (feat. Shennie) [prod. Diverse] | Music Video | The Super Smooth Botox & Circumcised Cut
18. Robert King Interlude
19. Land of the Free (feat. Robert King) [prod. Seige Monstracity]
20. Hood PSA (Word from Young Deon)
21. Change is Gonna Come (feat. Mike Anthony) [prod. Dr. Dre] | Music Video
22. The Preformation [prod. Dj Quik]

Mecha-God Spilla with DJ Couz {2010}

01. Mecha-God Spilla Intro
02. Sadatay [prod. Diverse]
03. Blow Yo Mind (More) feat. Xzibit, Crooked I, Jelly Roll [prod. Scoop Deville]
04. That Feelin’ feat. KES [prod. Dicey Ent.]
05. Nothing Could Be Better (feat. Suga Free, Butch Cassidy) (Produced By Battle Cat)
06. I’m Faded (feat. Nate Dogg) [prod. Warren G]
07. Flashy [prod. Dr. Dre]
08. Freak Freak Ya’ll feat. Nikki Grier  [prod. Dr. Dre]
09. Unbreakable feat. Godfather J, Mike Anthony 9. Unbreakable [prod. Focus]
10. I’m A Rider feat. Chevy Jones [prod. Siege]
11. Where Do We Go feat. Mike Anthony  (Produced By Thx)
12. What Goes Around feat. Warren G, Focus, T-Lee, Mike Anthony (Produced By Focus)
13. Alright (Produced By Drama Beats)
14. Let That Thang Go feat. Balance (Produced By Big Tank)
15. Money Over Everything feat. Paul Wall (Produced By Siege)
16. Born Alone  (Produced By Dready Beats)
17. Iron Man (Produced By Dicey Ent.)
18. I Can Do It Too (Produced By King Karnov)
19. What’s Up Wit U feat. Turie The Vocalist, Mike Anthony (Produced By Battle Cat)
20. I Wonder (Produced By Warren Campbell)
21. Pass That Shit feat. Black Kent
22. Dirty Girl Pt.2 feat. Ryu, Bobby Light (Produced By Drama Beats and C4)
23. I’m Watching [prod. Jake One]
24. U Better Back, Back feat. Warren G [prod. Dr. Dre] (Detox Reference Track)
25. U Scared [prod. Thx]
26. Gone (feat. John Mayer) [prod. Drama Beats]
27. American Dream [prod. Focus…]

The Layover (2012)

The (P)reformation (2013)

Ain’t No Other Nigga (feat. Dae One) [prod. Drama Beats] {2009} | YouTube
And You Do Know That [prod. Dicey Entertainment) {2010} | YouTube | Download
Beat The System (feat. Black-Ty aka Tyrese) {2006} | YouTube
Bitches On My Dick [prod. DJ Khalil] {2009} | YouTube
Blow Yo’ Mind (feat. Xzibit, Crooked I & Jelly Roll) [prod. Scoop DeVille] {2010} | YouTube
Change the World (feat. Black-Ty aka Tyrese) [prod. Diverse] {2005} | YouTube
Chea Bea (feat. Young Dre) [prod. DJ Khalil] | YouTube
Do It [prod. Scott Storch] | YouTube | Download
Down (feat. Kobe) [prod. DJ Khalil] -> 50 Cent’s “I’ll Still Kill”
Exclusive (I Got It) ft. Marsha Ambrosius [prod. Focus…] {2009} | YouTube
Feel On It [prod. Focus…] | YouTube
Flashy [prod. Dr. Dre] {2007} | YouTube
Friends [prod. Hi-Tek] {2009} | YouTube
Fuck Yo Couch [prod. Jake One] {2006} | YouTube | Download
Get Right Back (feat. Mike Ant) [prod. Nottz] | YouTube
Get ‘Em Girl (feat. Talib Kweli) [prod. J Dilla/Co-Prod by Focus] | YouTube
Gone (feat. John Mayer) [prod. Drama Beats]
Grow Up [prod. Dr. Dre] {2008} | YouTube | Download
Holly Trinity (feat. Dub-O & Noni Spitz) [prod. Dae One]
Hallelujah (feat. Xzibit) [prod. Dr. Dre] {2009} | YouTube
I Dominate (feat. Dr. Dre) [prod. Dr. Dre]
I Wonder (feat. Taje) [prod. Warren “Baby Dubb” Campbell] | YouTube
I’m Ill [prod. The Internz]
If You Dont Know The Code [Radio Rip] (feat. Kobe) [prod. DJ Khalil]
It Hurts {2008} | YouTube
It’s Bishop [prod. J. Wells] | YouTube
Missile Testing (Death To Infidels)
Money Over Everything (feat Paul Wall) [prod. Seige Monstracity] {2010} | YouTube
My Mama (feat. Mike Ant) [prod. M-Phazes) {2009}
No Stoppin’ Carson [prod. Dr. Dre]
Nothing Could Be Better (featt. Butch Cassidy, Suga Free, Chevy Jones & Bokey) [prod. by Battlecat & 1500 Or Nothin’] | YouTube
Out of Pocket (feat. Mike Ant) [prod. Raw Dog King] {2010}
Pop Bottles (feat. Black-Ty aka Tyrese) {2006}
Purgatory [prod. Dem Jointz]
Rap Is Wack [prod. Jake One]
Sensational (feat. Bo-Key & Chevy Jones) [prod. Diverse]| YouTube
That Feeling (feat. Kees) [prod. Dicey Entertainment] {2010}
The Union (feat. Ricasshay, Noni Spitz & Mike) [prod. Dae One]
Unstoppable [prod. J Wells] {2004} | YouTube
Up & Down (feat. Glasses Malone & Chevy Jones) [prod. Scott Storch] | YouTube
Welcome To Havoc
What Is Y’all Doin’ (feat. Ryu) {2009}
Who’s Yo’ Daddy, B!tch!? [Detox Reference]
Yank [prod. Swiff D] {2009} | YouTube
Your Lover (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) [prod. Siege] {2010} | Music Video
Young & Reckless (feat. ft Ya Boy & Jah Free) [prod. Drama Beats] {2009} | YouTube
Zero Gravity (feat. Mike Ant & Chevy Jones) [prod. Young RJ) | YouTube


Balance – Inception (feat. Uncle Murda, Bishop Lamont & J Myers) [prod. Dae One] {2011} | YouTube
Black Kent  – Pass That (feat. Bishop Lamont) {2009} | Music Video
Butch Cassidy & Damizza – A View From The Top (Feat. Vanessa Marquez, Bishop Lamont & Roccett) off the album ‘Back B4 You’re Lonely’ [2007]
Defenders Of The Faith – All Tha Time (feat. Bishop Lamont ) [prod. Chin Injeti] {2011}
DJ Babu – My Opinion (feat. Bishop Lamont) 2008
DJ Revolution – Funky Piano (feat. Bishop Lamont, Crooked I, & Styliztik Jones)
Evidence – All Said & Done (Remix) feat. Bishop Lamont
Focus – Shine! (feat. Bishop Lamont & Busta Rhymes)
G.A.G.E. – Times Are Hard (feat. Bishop Lamont) [prod. Focus…]
Noni Spitz – When I Spit (feat. Bishop Lamont) [prod. Noni Spitz]
Reality – Look @ California (feat. Bishop Lamont, Mistah Fab & Crooked I) [prod. Reality] 2010
Shade Sheist – Lights Out (feat. Bishop Lamont & Stat Quo) [prod. Focus…]
Ya Boy – Barbershop (feat. Bishop Lamont)

Black Ty aka Tyrese :
Fall Back (feat. Bishop Lamont & Tyrese)
These Days (feat. Bishop Lamont & Tyrese)
Why You Actin Shy (feat. Bishop Lamont)

Focus presents It Had 2 Happen – Times R Hard (Hood Mix) (Jay Life, Gage Money, Bishop Lamont & DeRay Davis)
Keep Your Head To The Sky (Focus Feat. Bishop Lamont, Mike Ant & Taurie)
Wesside (Focus Feat. Bishop Lamont, Bokie & Sinful)
Wifey Is A Bitch Remix (Salah Edin Feat. Bishop Lamont, Focus & Mr. Probz) (Prod. By Focus)
J.Wells : Unstoppable (feat. Bishop Lamont)
It’s Bishop (feat. Bishop Lamont)
Les Brown – Los Angeles (F/ B Real & Bishop Lamont)
Prime : Megatron (Feat. Bishop Lamont & INDEF) (Prod. By Jake One)
Ain’t From The Streets (Feat. Bada Bing, Taje & Bishop Lamont) (Prod. By Amplified)
Ras Kass, Jay 211 & Brand Name : Reggaeton (Happy New Year) (feat. 40 Glocc & Bishop Lamont)
The Reyes Brothers – Fight Night – (Feat. Bishop Lamont)
Taje : The Truth (Feat. Bishop Lamont, Treck Life & DJ Rhettmatic) (Produced By Diverse & Dae One)
Tha Alkaholiks – Hangover (Feat. Bishop Lamont)
Assassination Soundtrack : Death Before Dishonor (Mopreme Shakur Feat. Bishop Lamont, Taje & Indef)
LNS Presents 4:20 The Stash : Zero Gravity (Chevy Jones Feat. Bishop Lamont & Mike Ant)
Off the album ‘In the Mid-Nite Hour’ – Warren G
On My Mind (feat. Chevy Jones, Bishop Lamont, Mike Anthony & Bokey)
Make It Do What It Do (feat. Bishop Lamont)
Garilla Pimpin (feat. Bishop Lamont)
I Like That There (feat. Bishop Lamont)
Yes Sir (feat. Snoop Dogg, Bishop Lamont & Frank Lee White)
Ahh (feat. Bishop Lamont, Frank Lee White & Chuck Taylor)
All I Ask of You (feat.Frank Lee White, Bishop Lamont & Chevy Jones)


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  1. Bishop Lamont Discography. CHUUUCH

  2. does anyone have “Bishop Lamont – All Obey” its pretty rare.

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