Focus… – Free Cheese (Instrumental Album)

Instrumental album from Focus…  Focus used to be signed to Aftermath but left early 2009 due to…

“I left ‘cos I was really working hard and forgetting everything else. I wasn’t spending time with my family … I forgot about life outside of the studio. And we weren’t putting out enough music to do that, and so it just made sense for me to just say, “Dre thanks for everything, you taught me a lot and let me show you what I can do”

Download/Listen/Information below…

Free Cheese

THIS IS MY LAST FREE INSTRUMENTAL CD!!! It includes some of my older beats so ride to ’em, rap to ’em, enjoy ’em!! From now on it’s PAY TO PLAY!!! LOL!!!
Much love and respect people!
— Focus…

01. Century Club
02. Liquor Bank
03. Raphael Saadiq
04. Wesside
05. CutFrumADifferentCloth
06. YuGati Music
07. Iron Lung
08. Alkaline
09. Dark Alley
10. Big Black Trucks
11. Getaway Vehicle
12. Get A Grip
13. Secret Agent
14. SJT

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